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We spend a lot of time getting to know our customers and their products, so it only makes sense to also offer you the chance to learn more about us.

ITserviceus is more than a group of developers, it’s a tight-knit group of like-minded, passionate specialists in our field. Creating code from ideas is what we do.


ITserviceus was founded on a desire to make great things happen What started as building a handy app together has become so much more. Today, we help businesses realize their ideas through the power of software development.


We Are Driven By Our Passion For Technology And Love To See What It Can Do With New Tools We Can Try, Or Platforms We Can Try, We Help Our Clients Achieve Truly Great Things. We Share The Discoveries We Make With Our Exceptional Clients Around The World.


Here’s how we deliver

The qualities that unite us, that make our team so effective, and that drive us to bring clients’ ideas to life every day at IT service US have been long considered.

Over the past 5 years, we’ve been a reliable
partner for leading-edge products in the US,
Europe, Asia, and Africa.

We’re write at the hart of teach world

We’re totally immersed in the tech community, and connected to a living, thriving network of technology talent. So we understand the technologies, challenges, trends and nuances of this ever-changing landscape.

Relationships are important to us.

It is important for you to have the ability to hire fast without breaking your culture - sometimes in large numbers. You also need assurance you are working with specialists you trust. Partnering closely with you, we understand what you want - whether it’s sourcing the best tech talent or connecting you with the best brands for the next phase of your career. And the more we work with you, the better it all gets – and the more relationship We can also become part of your talent team too – working in-house with you to help you build exceptional teams . For a monthly subscription, we’ll embed entirely into your organisation to help you scale up, and add some extra oomph to your hiring function.

Our insights will enhance your tech knowledge and brand.

You’ll stay several steps ahead with our insight-led approach - and gain an edge by using inside knowledge as your new superpower. We connect you with the best, enhance your knowledge and amplify your brand - whether you’re an employer or a tech professional.

We believe in belonging.

We actively work to make tech a more welcoming place for everyone – whether we’re hiring for you, placing you or welcoming you into our team.

Our journey beyond a decade


3 Developers And A Dream

Founded in 2007, a group of 3 passionate and ambitious developers from Poland have a dream to build a world-leading developer house. The first clients are US-based and in need of senior PHP specialists.


New Frontiers

Magento, Sencha Touch, and Ruby on Rails appear on the market as popular tools for the tech industry. A rapidly-growing team means ITserviceus business development center to handle incoming project requests.



ITserviceus Officially Expands

We finally adopted the ‘ITserviceus’ brand, and opened offices in the cities of Charlotte NC, increasing employment at our India development office by 100% year-on-year, and revenues growing by 211%. Our Project Management services launch to accommodate.


Meeting The Modern Web

The rise of technologies such as HTML5 and PHP coordinator paved the way for the powerful web we know now. ITservicesus become a joint-stock company, with offices in India Gujarat.


Top Rated Development

New Business records a 211% increase in proposal requests over 2015, making ITserviceus a top-rated developer for the first time.


A year of Change.

Covid hit, and we quickly adapted to a new way of working – and we continue to embrace this flexible, hybrid style.

Also, we released our first application called Hoookedup after some successful development. and Move on to another app development adventure called MySquard On-demand marketplace.


Looking to the Future.

It is truly our busiest year ever, and we are hiring across all tech specializations – so we are eager for like-minded and passionate people to join us on our journey. Would you like to join us?

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