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              By using modern research methods and workshops, we’ll test your idea, make sure it fits the market, and show you how to turn it into reality. It will take a while before we write a single line of code.


Product discovery helps to refine an idea and identify the unique value it can bring to its users. It also helps to identify potential problems with the idea and come up with solutions to those problems. It helps to ensure that an idea is viable and can be successful in the marketplace.

Test your idea

By conducting extensive discovery workshops, user interviews, and analyzing your competitors, we’ll make sure your idea stands the test of time before you make a substantial investment.

Understand your users

Our goal is to provide your users with a better user experience by conducting research and user testing in order to find out what they want from your software product as well as how they will use it, which will result in a better user experience.


Effective development

Through thorough analysis, we’ll identify exactly which features will solve your users’ pain points and only those will be included in the MVP. This ensures a focused and clear development process.


Avoid costly mistakes

By performing product discovery we can identify potential risks and issues before significant investments are made. This allows you to utilize your resources more efficiently. In the end, product discovery leads to better decisions.


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“ We follow a detailed discovery, definition, and iteration process to create the best possible foundation for the software product.”

Dilip Patel

Founder and CEO

Our process

How do we do it? It’s a complex process but let’s break
down what we’ll do for you.



Identify and validate


Why us?

Our dedicated teams have been developing high-quality digital
products for 10 years. Here’s why you should choose us for
discovery process:

Product discovery with a tech twist.

Architects from our software engineering team will cover the feasibility phase of discovery that is often overlooked. What are the chances of this being accomplished? How can this be accomplished? You will receive a tech stack, a list of third-party integrations, dependencies, as well as mitigation for all risks.

We made our own sucessful App product.

In other words, we have experience creating software that attracts clients and generates income If we can do it for ourselves, we can do it for you.

Your development team works for nobody else.

In other words, we have experience creating software that attracts clients and generates income If we can do it for ourselves, we can do it for you.


With several successful projects under their belt, ITserviceus developers have become an important part of our team, supporting our mission to deliver top-quality mobile banking solutions to customers.

Kevin Owens
Software Engineering Manager at Nopen



In other words, we have experience creating software that attracts clients and generates income If we can do it for ourselves, we can do it for you.

5 to 10

2 - 4 weeks

18.000 USD

Dedicated team

If your idea requires around 10 functionalities this is the best plan to choose. More weeks of discovery allow us to cover your detailed idea in the best way possible.

10 to 15

5 - 7 weeks

22.000 USD

Custom solution

Perfect if your idea is a multi-platform software product with a set of many complex features. Also good for industries with strict guidelines such as healthcare and banking.


8 - 10+ weeks

32.000 + USD


Our product discovery team consists of seasoned experts who’ll cover all of the angles your product needs to be successful.

Still unsure about something?

Don’t worry, whatever it is, we’ve got you covered in our FAQ.

Who’s involved in product discovery?

Product discovery involves cross-functional collaboration among product managers, designers, engineers, stakeholders, and users. Their insights, expertise, and feedback contribute to identifying market needs, refining ideas, and creating a successful product roadmap.

Who decides on the project scope?

The project scope is determined collaboratively by stakeholders including clients, project managers, and relevant teams. Clear communication and alignment are crucial to define the project's goals, deliverables, tasks, deadlines, and resources. This ensures a well-defined scope that guides the project's direction and success.

Will you meet the strict demands and deliver the excellent quality required by enterprise clients?

Rest assured, we exceed expectations. Our unwavering commitment to excellence empowers us to effortlessly meet and surpass the stringent requirements of enterprise clients. With a proven track record of delivering impeccable quality, we are your dependable partner for achieving remarkable results in every endeavor.

How much time does it take to build a mobile app?

The time required to build a mobile app varies widely based on complexity, features, and platform. Simple apps might take a few months, while more complex ones can span 6-12 months or more. Planning, design, development, testing, and iteration all contribute to the timeline. It's crucial to prioritize quality over speed.

How do you design and implement a sustainable continuous integration workflow?

Designing and implementing a sustainable continuous integration (CI) workflow involves several key steps. Begin by selecting appropriate CI tools that align with your project's needs. Establish clear coding standards and automated tests to ensure consistent quality. Integrate version control to manage code changes effectively. Prioritize scalability and efficient resource utilization. Regularly review and optimize the workflow to enhance productivity and maintain sustainability.


This is how we operate

With us, you’ll receive a highly skilled team dedicated to your project.

See what we’ve accomplished

We’ve done big things for even bigger names.

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