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We are experts in developing advanced mobile applications for iOS and Android. We have experience in many industries, such as fintech and telecoms, building messaging apps, social platforms, and mobile banking software.

What we do

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As the first iPhone launched, we began building complex iOS apps. We have developed our expertise with every new release. We know Apple’s ecosystem, and we can create high-performing software.
Our specialist knowledge includes:
  • Extensive experience with Objective-C and Swift
  • MVVM-C design pattern for project architecture
  • RxSwift and Combine frameworks to carry out complex operations


Since 2012, we have built advanced apps on this platform. We have amassed a wealth of experience in Android native development, taking full advantage of its ecosystem.

Our specialist knowledge includes:

  • Extensive experience with Java and KotlinTypography
  • MVVM design pattern for project architecture
  • RxJava and Flow frameworks for complex operations
  • Coroutines for writing asynchronous code


By combining deep knowledge of native iOS and Android with Flutter’s support for cross-platform development, we are able to create apps for both Android and iOS using one codebase.

Our specialist knowledge includes:

  • Detailed understanding of the declarative nature of Flutter
  • Component-oriented architecture and software testing
  • Experience in publishing Dart/Flutter libraries to the repo


A powerful framework for building cross-platform applications, React Native is backed by Facebook and offers yet another great option when building apps for Android and iOS platforms.

Our specialist knowledge includes:

  • Writing bridges to connect native modules with JavaScript
  • Redux for state management and Redux-Sagas for async side effects
  • Declarative UI paradigm to manipulate native views directly


Fully in-house iOS and
Android teams

Everybody is together in the same office. It’s better for team spirit, problem-solving and instant knowledge sharing.

Continuous Integration &

As engineers, we strive for automation, because it reduces human error, it’s easy to build processes around, and it saves us time.

Reactive programming

All our layers are glued together using the Reactive programming paradigm. That way we get reactive data flow inside the app so users experience real-time changes.

The best open source
frameworks and libraries

We take advantage of the very best on the market, avoiding spending time developing standard elements and instead dedicating resources to valuable features.

Automated and manual

Rigorous testing processes make sure everything we deliver meets very high standards, and all our code is specifically written to be testable, maintainable, and to easily incorporate new features.

We follow Apple HIG and
Material guidelines

We understand how to develop reusable and high-performance UI components that are in line with Apple Human interface guidelines and Material guidelines.

App store regulations

We handle the entire approval process from start to finish for both Google and Apple stores, guiding you on the best practices for optimal approval.

Technologies we work with

Our recent case studies


Building Image Processing & Effect custom component for camera library.

Building App Create forms, share them online, receive instant alerts, and efficiently manage your data with our integrated apps

HoookedUP | ActON

Building short mobile video. App in Android Native in Kotlin & developing component for iOS and android Camera features.

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