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              Creating successful, powerful, intuitive software products that people love to use is what we do. From native and cross-platform iOS and Android apps to specialized web applications, we know how to make awesome stuff.
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Product discovery

Our team of experts will help you build a solid foundation for your product if you do not yet have a detailed plan:

We’ll help you build your software product in approximately 4-8 weeks through our 4-stage process.


Product design

When you use your software product, what is your first interaction like and how does it feel after the last click? It is our product designers’ responsibility to explore all possible user journeys in order to create an enjoyable experience for users. 


Software engineering

That’s what we’re passionate about. This is the foundation upon which ITserviceus was founded, and it remains the driving force of our business today. We have the experience to handle any challenge, from messaging apps to social platforms to mobile banking.


With several successful projects under their belt, ITserviceus developers have become an important part of our team, supporting our mission to deliver top-quality mobile banking solutions to customers.

Kevin Owens
CTO and Co-founder AfyaSolutions; Afyajobs


Working with so many great companies has been a rewarding experience
for us, and we are very proud of what we have achieved together.

Building App Create forms, share them online, receive instant alerts, and efficiently manage your data with our integrated apps

HoookedUP | ActON

Building short mobile video. App in Android Native in Kotlin & developing component for iOS and android Camera features.


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With us, you’ll receive a highly skilled team dedicated to your project.

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