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               When you use your software product, what is your first interaction like and how does it feel after the last click? It is our product designers’ responsibility to explore all possible user journeys in order to create an enjoyable experience for users. 


The process of product design can be complex. To make it work, there are numerous skills and activities involved. Here are a few examples of how we have mastered them all…

UX/UI Design

In following a detailed discovery phase, our focus is on creating a beautiful interface that prioritizes the user experience.


Design systems

Design system helps us create a cohesive look and help our engineers speed up development when it comes to multi-platform development. We’re experts at creating a cohesive look and helping our engineers to speed up development whenever possible.



Prototyping is useful for impressing investors, testing the product with users, and simplifying designer and developer collaboration.


User testing

Taking real product users into account helps validate assumptions about usability, functionality, and overall user experience.


Visual identity

Your visual identity includes logos, typography, colors, and more that tell your brand’s story. A visual design consists of both the elements and guidelines for communicating visually.

Brand strategy

We use research and evaluation to develop a strategic foundation and rationale for the direction of your identity. Your brand’s strategy should serve as a guiding principle for everything we do.

Karolina Grabowska

“ A dedication to user experience, coupled with cutting-edge tools and technologies, sets us apart.”

Karolina Grabowska

Head of product design at ITservice US

Our design service journey

Why us?

Our dedicated teams have been developing high-quality digital
products for 10 years. Here’s why you should choose us for
discovery process:

An all-in-one vision for
your software

Our product designers and software engineers are both in-house. That means regular meetings between them to ensure proper communication and collaboration. This setup ensures the product is being designed with the right engineering components in mind, which leads to higher quality products.

We don’t stop at design

Taking full responsibility is what we do. From design QA to product delivery, we ensure that our work is done with the highest standards possible. We strive to be accountable for our actions and take responsibility for any mistakes. We continuously monitor and review our work to ensure that it meets the required quality.

Designed from start to finish

We cover all design dimensions. We create products and services with the user in mind, making sure that the designs are intuitive and meaningful. Our team is dedicated to delivering high quality designs to our clients.

Build a high-quality software product to take your
business to the next level



It makes sense that designers know how to make the most of digital tools.
Here’s a snapshot of what we use and why:


FigJam is our tool of choice for UX/UI design, and Figma is our tool for prototyping and collaboration with clients and coworkers.


It combines collaborative design tools, prototyping, and developer handoffs. Using it, teams can design, prototype, and develop products more quickly, enabling them to iterate quickly.

Adobe XD

With Adobe XD, you can design web and mobile applications using vectors for macOS, Windows, along with iOS and Android versions that let you preview your work directly on your mobile device.


You can go from design to world-class site with Framer, the web builder for creative pros Optimized for all devices.

Cost matters


It is ideal for small businesses and startups looking for a clean, functional design for their software application.


5 - 10

2 - 4 weeks

14.000 USD

Dedicated team

Designed for businesses who need a comprehensive design solution with enhanced features and usability.


10 - 15

5 - 7 weeks

20.000 USD

Custom solution

Designed for complex user requirements and large-scale projects requiring detailed design solutions.



8 - 10+ weeks

25.000 + USD

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