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Android apps
with Kotlin

Leading Kotlin Android app development company specialising in delivering Customer features and component.

Why Kotlin?

Kotlin is used by businesses like Uber, Trello, Evernote,
and others to create superior Android apps.

Faster development

It takes considerably less time to build Kotlin apps than other native programming languages. This is because Kotlin comes with a number of in-built features that – when applied properly – reduce development time.

Better security

Being security-focused by default makes Kotlin apps simpler from the inside, making them less vulnerable to unexpected crashes. Therefore, you can spend time and budget on marketing your application rather than focusing on checking whether it is secure enough for release.

Enables business agility

Unlike Java, Kotlin programming language is completely backwards-compatible, so you can reuse the code from an existing Java application to build a new one in Kotlin without having to start from scratch. This provides both a more cost-effective and faster implementation process.

Easier to maintain

As a result, Kotlin code is shorter and easier to understand, allowing developers to focus on improving business-critical features rather than writing long, complex code. Kotlin is 40% more concise than Java, which is a lot even by modern standards.

Hire talent fast

Hire developers, UX/UI designers, project managers, QA specialists, and even CTOs to oversee technical operations.

Hire Kotlin developers you can always trust

We work with you to create powerful, high-performance applications to deliver the best web experiences to your customers and employees. We have a full-stack of web developers, UI/UX designers, project managers, and business analysts.

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Here’s how we deliver excellence

Our web development services will help your next project run smoothly.


Agile is an iterative approach to project management and software development that enables teams to deliver value to customers more quickly and with fewer headaches.


IT Serviceus presents a plan for a back-end development initiative, identifies key project roles, recommends cloud service options, and discusses project cost factors.


Back end development refers to an application's server side and everything that communicates between the database and the browser.


A fundamental understanding of the structures, algorithms, and processes used to implement and display data is required. Because backend development is data-driven, you must be well-versed in binary search, hashcode, data sorting, lists, queues, and implementations.


Being transparent is not a weakness, but rather a core strength. Companies will gain a new perspective, new opinions, and better insight by sharing ideas and information.


Back end web development is one of the simplest programming roles to learn, right after front end web development.

Our Expertise

We use iOS technology as the catalyst to transform and take the step of the next digital journey.


Building Image Processing & Effect custom component for camera library.

Building App Create forms, share them online, receive instant alerts, and efficiently manage your data with our integrated apps

HoookedUP | ActON

Building short mobile video. App in Android Native in Kotlin & developing component for iOS and android Camera features.

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You can hire as many developers as you need, or let us handle
your entire project with a full agile team.

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Ongoing Support

Your dedicated manager will be your point of contact for relations and invoicing with Polcode.

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